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Asexual Reproduction

Yew-Asexual-Method-IPOur patented Asexual Reproduction Method, developed by our founder and President, Zhiguo Wang,  accelerates the commercial viability of a yew tree, so that it is able to be used for commercialization starting in approximately three years, compared to more than 50 years for naturally grown yew trees.  Through this method, we are able to more than replenish the number of yew trees we cultivate and put into production.   The Patent is valid through September 29, 2030.

Yew Extract Method

Yew-Extraction-MethodOur patented Yew Extract Method is an extraction process to utilizes Northeast yew branches and leaves as new medicinal parts to obtain anti-cancer ingredients. The Yew Extract Method increases the sustainability and enhances the utilization rates for yew trees in medical use from 1/5000 (in obtaining taxol) to 1/200.    The Yew Extract Method has high yield rate and low costs. This patent is valid trough June 22, 2024.