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Decorative Statue Made from the Trunk of a Yew Tree

Decorative Statue Made from the Trunk of a Yew Tree

To create our award-winning handicrafts, including furniture, we employ artisans throughout the PRC, principally from Fujian Province and Jiangxi Province in southern China to manufacture handicrafts made from yew timber at our production facility near Harbin.

All of our products are hand-made, using yew tree timber of different maturities. Much of the furniture that we produce is reproductions of popular Ming and Qing Dynasty styles. We have acquired an inventory of yew timber from various parties over a number of years and have an adequate supply on hand for approximately five more years’ worth of production.

We begin the process of manufacturing handicrafts by selecting yew timber with greater variation in molding, which is indicative of a more attractive grain to the wood. The selected timber is then placed in a drying chamber and steam is injected to accelerate water evaporation until moisture content is only 3%. Depending upon the size and thickness of the timber, this process can take as long as one week.

The process of designing the item to be created begins with rough basing, based on geometrical form to summarize the overall artistic idea. During the entire process of carving the timber it is important to minimize knife scarring. Our crafted pieces typically go through a dying process; this not only can address certain small imperfections in the wood but is also done to aesthetically enhance the finished piece. After waiting at least twelve hours following dyeing, the carved item is then polished with sandpapers of different roughness and finally finishing cloths.