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About Us

Yew Bio-Pharm Group, Inc., through its operating entity, Harbin Yew Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd (HDS), is a major grower and seller of yew materials used to produce traditional Chinese medicines (TCMs), yew trees and yew handicrafts in China. HDS was founded in 1996 as a private enterprise to grow and cultivate yew trees on 19,759 mu(approximately 2,957 acres) of land near Harbin and incorporated under the laws of the People’s Republic of China. In 2003, it was granted rights to develop and use yew resources from the Department of Forestry of Heilongjiang Province.

Because the yew tree is considered an endangered species, it is a regulated industry in the PRC. By harvesting only branches and leaves of yew trees we respond to both environmental sensitivities and regulations, because cutting the bark of the yew trees will damage the trees and stop it from growing new branches. Yew raw material contains taxol, and TCM containing yew raw material has been approved in the PRC for use as a secondary treatment of certain cancers.

Using patented accelerated growth technology developed by Mr. Wang, based on principles of asexual propagation and cloning, we can bring yew trees to maturity and commercialize them in as little as two-to-three years, compared to more than 50 years needed for naturally grown yew trees. Additionally, we have permits from the Heilongjiang provincial government to sell our yew trees and products made from yew trees. We believe that we are one of only a few companies in the PRC with such permission.

The Company operates four nurseries near Harbin, China capable of growing 2 million yew nursery seedlings per year and also operates production facilities to manufacture yew handicrafts. Given its reserve of yew trees, patented technology that allows us to bring yew trees to maturity much faster than naturally-growing yew trees and improving operational efficiencies, the Company believes it is well positioned for the future.